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Tempered Mental

The band consists of singer/bass player Melina, drummer Jimmy and guitarist Jack. While bands releasing recordings and playing lots of shows is commonplace, what sets Tempered Mental apart from its peers is the band's sound; an eclectic mix of styles and influences performed with progressive rock panache and always kept together by Melina's memorable vocal melodies. 'Honestly' perfectly encapsulates this approach. The song is propelled by an intricate bass line in the verse, inventive guitar work throughout and a bullet-proof groove, but all the while though the song's emotional content gets across though Melina's vocal delivery wrought with longing and desperation. The remaining four songs on the single-'Your Ingenue', 'Mistrial', 'Pure', and 'All Bad Things'-follow suit in keeping constant with the band's unique style. Currently Tempered Mental is working on their 1st full length album and with the support from Music Canteen Records; the album will be out early 2007.

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