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Broken Scar

Broken Scar's BIOGRAPHY

He spills his heart out when he writes and sings with his eyes closed. Stemmed from a deep-rooted love for playing the electric guitar in his high school years, it is the acoustic guitar that Kevin Teh is most comfortable writing his material with nowadays. The result is simple melodies peppered with a slight rock edge providing a listening experience comparable to that of a mellower Creed and The Goo Goo Dolls. Despite musical influences ranging from an array of styles from jazz to heavy metal the Broken Scar sound appropriately accentuates Kevin's full-bodied voice.
Early listeners will remember that Broken Scar began as a solo singer-songwriter outfit in January 2003 just Kevin and his trusty acoustic guitar. These days Broken Scar features a lineup including Alda Tan (Cosmic Funk Express) on bass and Manshaan (Dragon Red) on drums, with Kevin still at the helm. Alda, who is an excellent arranger, has certainly added his personal touch to the songs with his melodic basslines. Manshaan, who is used to playing faster and more furious music, helped steer the songs into an edgier dimension. Kevin enjoys both the more mellow acoustic tone when performing solo as he does the fullness and higher energy level of playing with the band.
17 June 2005 marked a new chapter in the Broken Scar books as the band played their debut gig at Paul's Place, an intimate candle-lit setting with friends and fellow musicians in attendance. Having played at venues including various Starbucks outlets (KLue and Starbucks Chill Out Series), Le Benardin (Shelley Leong's Songwriters Avenue), Paul's Place, JamAsia, different spots and stages for Fete de la Musique (2004, 2005) and even Malacca for the inaugural opening of a Starbucks outlet, Broken Scar hopes to continue performing actively in the local music arena.
Best known for his song 'Scratch', audiences have been noted to request for the song to be played (one even cheekily yelled out ' Garu' the literal equivalent in Malay) and singing along to its infectious chorus. 'Scratch' paints an accusive scenario interlaced with rhetorical questions, evoking emotions tied to moments spent reminiscing the turning points in relationships. The electric guitar is featured prominently with a striking solo, retreating to provide creative embellishments throughout the song.
Currently the band is in the midst of recording an album due to be released later this year. As true believers in the spirit of camaraderie, talented peers have been roped in to collaborate on the project.
The Broken Scar story is still very much in its early chapters but one thing is clear throughout it is undeniably the support of family, good friends and faithful listeners that continues to make this experience so rewarding.
Source: Band website

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