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Klux Klux Adventure

Klux Klux Adventure

Formed in the late 1998 by Shahril (Reprisal). The Initial line up was, Shahril (drums), Bai (Guitar), Keeta (Vox), Congo (Bass), Bob (Trumpet), Jiboy (Guitar), Joy(Keyboards). Their 1st performance was at a school promp night in Johor Bahru! They had lotsa fun and received many positive feedbacks from friends & family which made them decided to just carry on playing...
Later the group was reduced to just 4, Shahril, Bai, Keeta & Congo. Ajeep was invited in to fill in the keyboard position replacing Joy and they've been playing in quite a number of gigs and shows until somewhere in 2000 when Shahril decided to leave the band to focus on his day job.
They came back in 2002 with Rashid (the Accused) helping out with drums. played only a few gigs. The fact that some of the band members are in Kuala Lumpur & Johor Bahru, Malaysia made it even harder for them to practice and to do something bigger.
2003 Lin (Boot off) joined in and since Lin, Bai & Congo are in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, they managed to jam & practice on their own while Ajeep & Keeta will join them whenever time permits (usually 2-3 days before a gig :P )
February 2004 they recorded their 1st demo. 4 songs. and scheduled to be released in June 2004! The demo will show something like a journey or evolution of what was and what is.
Save Ferris, No Doubt, Poe, Mother Earth, Pot Shot, NY Ska-Jazz ensamble, Morcheeba

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nanana-ne said...

pernah dengar dorang perform kat satu gig, but it's just so-so laa, not so impressive one.