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Malaysian Indie/Alternative/Underground Music


B BittersweetBrainheadBroken ScarButterfingers
C CoupleCik PayungChronic Mass ● Carburator Dung
D Deja Voodoo SpellsDisagreeDragon Red ● DPSA ● Damn Dirty Apes
E ● Electrico ● Estranged ● Enslaved Chaos ● Extroverts
FFrequency Cannon Force Vomit Flop Poppy ● Future Primitive
G ● Gerhana Ska Cinta
H Hujan
I ● Insecure ● Infectious Maggot
J ● John's Mitress
K Kluk Kluk Adventure ● Koffin Kanser ● Komplot
L ● Lied ● Lo ● Lucy In The Loo ● Love Me Butch ● LYME
MMeet Uncle Hussain ● Muze ● Muck
N ● Nervewreck ● Nice Stupid PlaygroundNitrus
O Old Automatic Garbage (OAG)One Buck Shot
P ● Pet Hate Minor ● Pete Teo ● Prana ● Pop Shuvit ● Private Whizz
R ● Republic Of Brickfields ● Roots 'N' Boots ● Rator
SSevenCollar T-ShirtShizuka (Benaman)Sil Khanaz ● Soft Touch ● Spider ● Stonebay ● Subculture ● Spiral Kinetic Circus
T Tempered Mental ● The Deserters ● The OfficialThe Pilgrims ● The Sofa Session ● The Times ● Throne Away ● The Bollocks ● The Beads
U ● Un Normal Human Genetics
X ● X-cited Screamer
Y ● Y2K
Z Zoofit


Anonymous said...

I want songs from Prana - Green Beret & any songs from Cassandra and Hujan..Thanks.

Anonymous said...

plizz add song from band jB...
Plague Of Happiness lyke a malam, kawan, viva la our local band!!!KAMi...

Absolute Alternative said...

1. Prana - Green Baret (not available).. tapi track yg tajok dia Bird Song ader, belom upload
2. Cassandra? tak der
3. Hujan.. few tracks uploaded.. carik kat List atas.
4. Plague Of Hapiness.. Malam (NA), Kawan (Ada.. 64kbs shj), Viva La Punk (ada..).. tunggu, akan upload tak lama lagik.

Anonymous said...

pliz add song from band couple & one buck short...

Anonymous said...

pliz add song from band couple & one buck short...

Anonymous said...

mcm mnew ea klu nk share/bgi lgu?...

Absolute Alternatice said...

terima kasih nony (anonymous)

share/bagi lagu amat dialukan

Absolute Alternative (AA) cadangkan upload pakai ... mudah bagi kami.

masa last step uploaded page tu.. masukkan email

credit akan di berikan kpd nony (bukan credit telephone)

AA akan post cara2 upload secara detail ... sedikit masa lagik

Anonymous said...

kami mahu lagu dri band plague of happiness buley x...