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Soundgarden - Like Suicide (1994)

Soundgarden ● From Album: Superunknown Released 1994 ● Label: A&M ● Track: 15 ● Genre: Grunge, Alternative Rock

Soundgarden - Like Suicide Download Mp3 (added 29/05/07)
Frontman Chris Cornell was inspired to write the song when a bird flew into the window at his house. He heard the sound, and expecting a burglar, instead found the small creature suffering. He subsequently put the bird out of its misery. Cornell has been quoted saying the bird inspired him to "write a song about the harshness of love."
The lyrics are almost a literal retelling of the story, for example the following lines:
"Heard it from another room... Eyes were waking up just to fall asleep... Love's like suicide... Dazed out in a garden bed... With a broken neck lays my broken gift... Just like suicide...
And my last ditch... Was my last brick... Lent to finish her... Finish her..."

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