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OAG - Knocked Silly (1999)

OAG (Old Automatice Garbage) (Click to view all Post on OAG (Old Automatice Garbage)) ● From Album: Melody Mocker Released 1999 ● Label: - ● Track: 01 ● Genre: Alternative

OAG - Knocked Silly Download Mp3
OAG - Knocked Silly Lyrics
Absolute Alternative: "Requested by My Dear friend Niesa... enjoy!"

1 comment:

niesa said...

Knocked Silly

I saw you at the party
Giving me a smile
You have try to kept track on me
Wearing your dress to kill outfit
But i really don't care
Even though you are so cute

So i saw you at the diner
You past by me
And left a note on the table
It was wrote 'i love you'
But i really don't know
Even though it was so sweet

I don't know what is wrong with me baby
I feel i have no heart at all(i think i had a bad hair day)
I just don't know what is wrong with me baby
Maybe i had a little bit of knocked silly

I saw you at the gig
Giving me a kiss
You tried to seduce me
Bringing along your adorable friends
But i really don't mind
Even though you are so gorgeous

I saw you at the garden
Running straight to me
And gave me a bucket full of flowers
You said that you loved me but i am really confused
Even though it was so true