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b e r i t a b u t t e r : 1000 tahun di radio?

NOTE: the original post --> here (band's official blog)

Copied & Edited from the original post:-
" Last week, Kadax went to our local radio stations and passed them Butterfingers latest single 1000 tahun. And now, we need your help. If you like to listen to their song on the radio, please call them up and request for their song to be play on the radio. This is because some of the radio stations will only play some songs if there's a request for it. Other than calling them up and request for their song, you can visit their website and request online.Therefore we would like to ask for your help to request for their song. Your time and help are deeply appreciated by us. Thank you so much.
  • ERA F.M: 103.3
  • Xfresh F.M: 103.0
  • Hot F.M: 97.6
  • Hitz.F.M: 92.9
  • Fly FM: 95.8
  • Suria F.M: 105.3
  • RTM
  • For those who live outside Klang Valley, please visit their website to know the frequency for your radio station.

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